Risa is a TV and film actress living in the Los Angeles area working on a wide variety of projects in LA and Denver featuring commercial, indie film and feature film roles. Risa's recent and notable roles include a troubled bartender role in Jeff Kingery's feature drama 'Table 47', the voice of reason despite her own sordid past in David Grey's feature 'Boulder Buddz' and her recent appearance climbing at Garden of the Gods for Toyota's new regional commercial directed by John McSween.


With an acting education beginning in college and continuing after graduate school, Risa has been trained in Meisner and Chekov techniques in addition to a modern take on character and scene preparation through Benjy Dobrin Studios. Risa has also been trained in film stunts through Rocky Mountain Stunt Group with Mark Grove and in improv comedy skills with Michael Collins


Risa excels in dramatic roles such as Zach Eastman's homage to the Aurora shootings 'The Boy Who Stares' in which she plays a school shooting survivor, reflecting on the impact of the event ten years later. But she also dominates comedic characters such as Sarah Sloane, the rogue time-cop daughter of a secret-agent-turned-flower-delivery-driver in the short film Jean Claude Van Damme's Damn Van written and directed by Bradley Haag of Nebulus Visions Multimedia.


In addition to acting, Risa is also a producer and writer working on a wide range of projects. Recently, Risa was credited as Executive Producer for the short film 'Popsy,' directed by Richard Fleming and based on the Stephen King Short of the same name. She has also written and performed several scenes and monologues including an excerpt from a larger piece in which she plays a highly intelligent private detective with less than tolerable social graces. Risa is a freelance model for fine art, fashion and commercial photography with credits including a Department of Transportation 'Awkward Eye Contact' billboard campaign and the cover and additional pages for the Club Ride Spring/Summer 2015 catalogue, among others.


Outside of film, Risa enjoys a wide range of athletics including rock climbing, motorcycling, ice hockey and mountain biking but can occasionally be caught juggling or simply reading a good mystery. She cooks up a storm and holds a master's degree in civil engineering.


Risa is actively pursuing the next challenge in her acting and looks forward to new and diverse featured roles with which to develop and refine her craft!