​Resume through 2017​



Boulder Buddz (feature film) | LADY (lead) | David Grey/Boulder Independent Productions

Jean Claude Van Damme's Damn Van (web short)| Sarah Sloane (lead) | Bradley Haag

A Mind of it's Own (short) | Bus Model | David Quakenbush

‘Daylight’ (music video) | Wife/Soldier | Brandon Kehiayan

The End or Just the Beginning (short/pilot) | Rebecca (Lead) | Bryan Patrick

Nigerian Directors Project (various shorts)| Various (Lead) | Directors Guild of Nigeria/CFS

The Rise of Spencer Kane (Web series) | Jan the Man (supporting) | Chris Canfield

Popsy (short) | Trunk Girl | Richard Fleming/Creative Coop Media

River Bridge (short) |Lacey (Lead) | Benjamin Erbach

One Die Short (Web series) | Matilda (Lead) | Matt Forcella

Table 47 (feature) | Scottie (supporting) | Jeff Kingery

Beneath Glass Trees (feature) |  Marnie (Lead) | Alex Amadei

Fantastic Finneas Frook (short) | Juggler (supporting) | Jhene Chase/CFS

The Frame (feature) | Asylum Orderly (featured extra) | Jamin Winans

Final Bent Resort (short) | Waitress (Lead) | Benjamin Garst

The Boy Who Stares (short) | Kayla (Lead) | Zach Eastman/CFS

Do You Think I’m Weird? (short) | Mary (Lead) | John McSween



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Business of Acting | Krista Gano

Scenes and Auditioning work | Benjy Dobrin Studios

Improv | Michael Collins | Benjy Dobrin Studios

Meisner and Chechov | Chris Thatcher Acting Studio

Theater Performance | Rensselaer Theater Group 



Military Training/Stunt Fighting/Falls, Featured on Bus Billboard, Parkour, Horseback Riding, Breakdance, Rock/Mountain Climbing, Motorcycling, Juggling, Mountain Biking, Firearms, Ice Skating/Hockey, Gymnastics, Dance, Jujitsu/Ukemi, All-around athlete, Driving, ADR screams, female voice, fun laughs



Conflicts upon request



Big Fish Talent​

8400 E. Crescent Pkwy

Greenwood Village, CO 80111

elisa@bigfishtalent.com | www.bigfishtalent.com | Tel: 303-744-7170


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Table 47
Table 47

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The Boy Who Stares
The Boy Who Stares

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References & Testimonials

"When casting for a project you look for things like work ethic, ability to connect with the role, easy to direct, respectful, and most important a pure talent for what they do. This is Risa Scott. I can say only great things about her. During casting I was captivated by her ability within 30 seconds. During auditions I quickly found a front runner that I fell in love with for the part and knew this was the person I wanted for the film, it was not Risa. Then Risa did her audition and I knew right away Risa was the right choice and not the other person. This is the type of impact Risa will have on you, a fantastic one at that. Risa will make you scratch your top pick right off your list. She's got a great talent for acting and you can't go wrong with Risa. She is one smart and talented actress!"

- Bryan Patrick, Director and Cinematographer

"I met the actress/model/badass known as Risa Scott in the grand stairwell of the luxurious Union Station Hotel in St. Louis during a rainstorm where I noticed her perched delicately against the polished oak balcony of a floor two lower than where I stood. She wore an classic wedding gown and seemed to glow in it. In a moment of divine inspiration, I knew that had to capture this glorious woman. The film I was composing would have been pale and mundane without her presence. I leaned over the rail and called out to her that I wished to photograph her walking to and from the balcony. She complied. The scene was nothing short of stunning, my finest work yet, and I could not have achieved my cinematic vision without the years of experience and professionalism Risa brought to the table. I see her going on to do great things and look forward to our next collaboration."

- Devin Schiro, Cinematographer

"I had the pleasure of working with Risa Scott as an actor and stunt woman on my web series, One Die Short. Not only was Risa easy to work with, but she was more professional than some of the larger names in the industry that I spoke to in Colorado. Risa has a great grasp on action, and was able to expertly choreograph both hand-to-hand and fantasy weapon fights with swords, maces and staves. Having never filmed fight scenes before, I was grateful for Risa's creativity and ability to turn my vague descriptions and desires into energetic and exciting fights."

- Matt Forcella, Creator and Director of One Die Short

"Risa is a highly creative actor who is always a consummate professional on and off the set.  Bringing a dedicated work ethic and the utmost of enthusiasm, she’s an asset to any production looking for a diverse and highly skilled performer."

- Benjy Dobrin, Acting Coach at Benjy Dobrin Studios

"I stumbled upon Risa while watching audition footage with a friend of mine for a film he was producing and knew immediately that I had to work with her. Eventually I was fortunate enough to meet, and subsequently cast, her in the short film "River Bridge" as one of the two lead antagonists. Risa owned it! From the masterful subtleties she brought to the character, to her professional and collaborative approach; I felt assured my character was in the right hands. If you have a chance to work with her, do it!"

- Benjamin Erbach, Director

"Very resourceful, I’ve used Risa for several productions and would continue to do so. An asset to my crew, shooting goes much more smoothly when she’s on board. On my most recent project, she saved us a bunch of money by recruited sponsorship that I wouldn’t have even thought to secure on my own."

- Richard Fleming, Visual Storyteller at Creative Coop

- Matt Speer, Nerd Fap Podcast

"I thought Risa Scott did such a great job in the movie [Jean Claude Van Damme's Damn Van]. You can see she's such a professional actress."