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TOYOTA USA - Garden of the Gods Climbing for RAV4 Commercial 


Full Film (Trailer below)

The Boy Who Stares - Zach Eastman's Tribute to the Aurora Theater shooting

Scene Slate - Full Version

Boulder Buddz Trailer - CENSORED Master

'Daylight' Music Video co-starring Risa Scott and Jeff Bosley

2013-2014 Action/stunt Reel

Sisters (Draft) - Bryan Patrick's tale of two rivaling sisters. 

Power Pose - A fun short scene filmed with fellow actress Sarah Sansoni.

Survival Instinct - Risa's first producer and co-writer credit in addition to lead actress. 

Doritos 'Crash the Superbowl' Commercial Submission

The Boy Who Stares - Original Ending

Risa Scott and Cougar Littlefield remembering the school shooting that changed their lives. 

Table 47 - Feature Film Clips of Risa Scott

Risa's notable scenes from the Colorado-based feature film Table 47.

Full Version of Benjamin Erbach's award winning short film River Bridge

Emergency Room Denver Commercial

Bent's Resort - Award Winning Student Short

Jean Claude Van Damme's Damn Van - Teaser #2

SURVIVAL INSTINCT- Rise of the Tomb Raider 2015 Fan Film